Dedicated to revolutionizing the way we approach and optimize water resources

IRMASYS is a pioneering firm committed to sustainability and cutting-edge technology, specialized in a comprehensive range of services aimed at the effective management of water resources.

IRMASYS main banner

Multidisciplinary approach, coupled with a passion for innovation

At IRMASYS P.C., we built consciousness for efficient water use

Data Recording and Management

Through state-of-the-art technology, we ensure accurate data collection, analysis, and interpretation, laying the foundation for informed decision-making.

Studies and Systems Management

We take pride in our ability to conduct in-depth studies and manage systems that form the backbone of efficient water resource management.

Protocols, Systems, and Projects Development

We specialize in the development, installation, and operation of cutting-edge protocols and systems, designed to enhance the effective utilization of water resources.

Software Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to facilitate the design, management, and manipulation of parameters crucial to effective water resource management.

Decision Support Information Systems

At the forefront of continuous development, installation, documentation, and support for inhouse decision support information systems.

Promotion of Specialized Services

Our holistic approach encompasses the broader goal of fostering awareness and engagement in sustainable water practices.

An array of resources

Our expertise includes the development of renowned systems like Enhydris and IRMA_SYS, backed by a suite of accompanying and derived services to ensure seamless integration and functionality.


  • Innovative holistic approach for irrigation management of large areas.
  • No need for special sensors at each field.
  • Low cost per hectare.

Enhydris powered data management

  • Storage and management of hydrological and meteorological data.
  • Additional information such as photos, videos, and the hydrological and meteorological time series stored for each measuring station.
  • Automated telemetry.
  • Proven value.

“we strive to be the catalyst for positive change in the water management landscape by providing solutions”